Birth of a music scene

Once home to the Sex Pistols and where the Rolling Stones recorded their first album, Denmark Street has played host to Hendrix, Clapton, Dylan & Bowie. Always a mecca for musicians and the music industry, the street’s unique atmosphere has attracted music shops, recording studios and writers such as Lennon & McCartney, and Bernie Taupin & Elton John.

Bass guitar player
Photo of the Sex Pistols
Photo outside a guitar shop on Denmark Street

The UK’s Tin Pan Alley

Artists who would go on to dominate rock and roll from Billy Fury, Tommy Steele, The Shadows, Jimmy Page, to The Clash, Paul Weller, Jeff Buckley, Adele, Keane and Ed Sheeran, at one time or another all shopped, recorded, rehearsed, or wrote in the street affectionately known as the UK’s Tin Pan Alley after New York’s famous musical street.

Relighting the beacon

As part of Outernet London, Denmark Street has benefited from the restoration of its most iconic shops and clubs, new live venues, filmed sessions and a free recording studio. Increased footfall from Crossrail via The Now Arcade, plus the global reach of Outernet will place the street and its community on an international platform.

Danni Nicholls singing and playing acoustic guitar

Chateau Denmark

Chateau Denmark boldly embraces creative expression; the best loved sentiment of Denmark Street. With 55 session rooms and apartments, Chateau brings a unique playfulness to modern hospitality and captures the lost art of escapism.

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