Outernet Arts Artistic Director Marco Brambilla will present his piece Heaven’s Gate for the first time in Europe as part of a free public art programme at Outernet London's Now Building. 

Outernet Arts has revealed the first three artists whose work will be displayed at The Now Building completely free and accessible to the public every Sunday from 12pm. Outernet Arts is a new initiative curated by artist Marco Brambilla heralding the biggest digital exhibition space in Europe. It is dedicated to presenting contemporary art via year-round programming in central London. 

The inaugural work is Dotcom Séance, a major public project by artist Simon Denny which will be on view every Sunday between 12.00-18.00 from 16th October to 4th December 2022. 

Simon Denny - Dotcom Séance 

Dotcom Séance is an expansive digital installation reflecting core facets of Denny’s work, which explores technology’s sustained influence upon global cultural and political development, with particular focus on the tech industry. For this project, the artist has selected 21 dotcom era companies declared ‘dead’ in the wake of the dotcom crash in the early 2000s, with the purpose of “resurrecting” their existence as it stands in a contemporary setting. 

In bringing these companies back to life, Denny seeks to reevaluate their relevance in the context of Web3, motivated by the resurgence in popularity today of many dead companies’ business models. In doing so, Denny highlights the cyclical nature of business strategies within the history of the technology industry. 

Each company was given a number of new logos produced by text-to-image Artificial Intelligence, created in collaboration with Cosmographia, thus demonstrating the relationship between Web1 and Web3 through a visual manifestation of these companies’ “ghosts” and respective histories. These new logos, which take the form of NFTs, entitle their holders to register an ENS subdomain and serve as “employees” of the reanimated company. The artist Guile Twardowski also designed a bespoke new logo for each company, drawing on the AI outputs. The project’s first iteration went live through the online gallery Folia.app. 

Visitor looking at Dotcom Séance experience

Dotcom Séance - Simon Denny

Acute Art - Hilma af Klint “The Temple” - from December 

Daniel Birnbaum, one of the world’s most prominent curators, Acute Art and Stople Publishing present The Temple, a new virtual reality experience that invites visitors into the spiritual world of esteemed Swedish artist and mystic, Hilma af Klint.

Written into her will that her progressive works would not be made public until at least 20 years after her death Hilma af Klint has recently taken the art world by storm. A devotee of esoteric Christianity and member of several spiritual and occult movements, af Klint dreamt of a spiral-shaped building to house her most important works. Inspired by the teachings of legendary German mystic Christian Rosenkreuz, she wished it to be built on an island in Sweden but the idea never materialised, and the temple remained an imaginary creation – until now. More than a century later, af Klint’s vision has been brought alive through the power of technology in the form of an immersive 360º VR experience that will take visitors on a cosmic journey from the milky way, through enigmatic spirals in nature and into the artist’s most important paintings.

Hilma af Klint (1862 – 1944) is one of Sweden’s most prolific artists, known for her large-scale abstract botanical and occult paintings. Widely regarded as a major artistic innovator and visionary, her 2019 exhibition ‘Paintings For The Future’ was the Guggenheim’s highest-ever attended exhibition in the museum’s history.

The Temple by Hilma af Klint

The Temple - Hilma af Klint

Marco Brambilla - Heaven’s Gate - from February

Heaven's Gate, a monumental new work by artist Marco Brambilla will open for the very first time in Europe. A lavish, satirical and vertigo-inducing take on the silver screen spectacle of Hollywood dreams and excesses, Heaven’s Gate both celebrates collective storytelling consciousness and satirises its saturated glamour. Created as a VR experience and totemic video installation, the work ascends through the seven levels of Purgatory, each stage its own landscape of looping samples lifted from iconic moments of cinematic history. 

In Heaven’s Gate, Brambilla’s latest Baroque collage that exists both as a virtual reality work and as a video, we traverse a panoramic landscape of film clips sampled from a wide array of movies. This kaleidoscopic delirium is again organized rigorously, recounting the history of the world in seven distinct chapters. Clouds, meadows and cityscapes recur in cycles that, in the words of the artist, "engulf the viewers in imagery with a density almost impossible to sustain.” 

Heaven's Gate by Marco Brambilla

Heaven's Gate - Marco Brambilla

Marco Brambilla, Director of Outernet Arts, said: 

"The Outernet Arts programme has at its heart a desire to create an intimacy between the viewer and the artist while presenting work on an unprecedented scale using state-of-the-art technology." 

Philip O’Ferrall, CEO Outernet Global, said:

"There is no other space like Outernet London in the world and Outernet Arts will be like no other arts programme. We are incredibly privileged to be working with Marco to lead and curate Outernet Arts because this kind of free public art is something the UK really needs.” 

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