Displayed across our 360-degree floor to ceiling screens FLOW tells a history of Western art as a digital dance performance by animated giants.

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Visitors to Outernet watch a giant in the FLOW exhibit

Made for everyone, from art lovers to theatre goers, dance enthusiasts to tech buffs, tourists to commuters, FLOW is a huge digital media performance that translates the full history of Western art into dance. With a display taking over the entirety of the Now Building’s floor to ceiling screens, FLOW represents the continuous evolution of art, from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, Impressionism, and beyond, by highlighting how the world and human pursuits have constantly changed. 

FLOW by D'Strict at Outernet

The performance uses the movements of massive digital ‘giants’ to explore the process of transformation - from being constrained by the world’s conventions to gradually breaking free from them and expressing a unique personality. As the display moves through the eras of Western art, the giants slowly break from their passive poses and explode into freeform dance. Throughout each phase, the giant’s dance intensifies, and at last, it takes off to begin the next journey for the new era.

Not only a visual display, the performance is accompanied by bespoke music from Australian composer, Tristan Barton. Barton has created a stunningly celebratory soundtrack, which will fully transport visitors from the busy streets of London’s Soho into the fantastical history of Western creativity and culture. 

Outernet's creative content head, Alexandra Payne said:

"D'strict are true innovators in the immersive art field and it’s been a multi-year project to bring their work to Outernet. I couldn’t be more thrilled to premiere this piece designed specifically for our screens and know that our audiences are going to be captivated."

Design company D'strict, which runs popular immersive Korean media space ARTE MUSEUM, has worked on a number of high-profile public art projects that have been screened around the world, including in Seoul's K-Pop Square and in New York's Times Square. The studio has won a number of accolades for its innovative work, including the prestigious iF design award.

D’strict's vice president, Sang-hwa Park said:

"FLOW tells a story about the relationship between the world and oneself. As the movement progresses, the world where our protagonists stand gradually disappears, replaced by their inner worlds. I hope this performance serves as a starting point that raises new questions. Rather than just a story, it increases the interest in art history or raises fundamental concerns about human pursuits."

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