Nespresso is launching a collection of Nespresso for Change Please coffees and accessories to help drive awareness of one of the UK’s biggest societal problems - homelessness.

📍 Outernet London
🕒 June 28th - July 6th

A small change to your daily coffee choices can positively impact the lives of others.

Earlier this year, Nespresso announced its partnership with Change Please, a social enterprise founded in London that aims to end homelessness through the power of great tasting coffee. The partnership will see Nespresso support the Change Please Foundation with a minimum commitment of £1 million. The donation will go towards helping those who are experiencing homelessness with barista training, a living wage job, mental health support and onward employment opportunities.

Back in 2015, Change Please started with a single cart in Covent Garden but, with backing from The Big Issue the social enterprise grew and grew. 

Baristas Rob, Tiegan and Michelle are among Change Please Training Academy’s alumni. Photo: Change Please

Baristas Rob, Tiegan and Michelle. Change Please Training Academy alumni. Photo: Change Please

Nespresso is set to further capture attention with an immersive and thought-provoking experience at Outernet from June 28, 2024. Visitors to Outernet can see 360 audio-visual stories that highlight the partnership, the pressing issue of homelessness, and the incredible work of Change Please over the past decade.

Visitors will have the opportunity to shop for Nespresso for Change Please coffee sleeves and accessories at the on-site pop-up retail space, as well as purchasing their favourite on-the-go coffees from the Nespresso for Change Please pink coffee van - giving coffee lovers the ability to directly contribute to the empowerment of individuals seeking a second shot at life through the transformative power of coffee.

Nespresso coffee cart at Outernet

The Nespresso & Change Please coffee van will be visiting Outernet's spaces

Cemal Ezel OBE, Founder and CEO of Change Please said:

"This partnership goes beyond simply selling great coffee, it's about using the power of business to drive social change and improve the lives of those most in need in the UK and Ireland. Through this collaboration, we are joining forces to reach Nespresso’s loyal customer base and capitalise on its authority on the UK coffee market, to encourage consumers to support the cause and implement change through something as simple as their morning cup of coffee.”

Anna Lundstrom, CEO for Nespresso UKI said:

“The UK is a nation of coffee lovers. It's a daily pleasure that brings people together and sparks conversations. At Nespresso, we're proud to support Change Please, an organisation that harnesses the transformative power of coffee to tackle homelessness. Through each sip, we're not only savouring a delightful brew but also contributing to positive change in our communities.”

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