Room To Breathe is a free mindfulness experience in partnership with Pixel Artworks & Panadol showing 10am, 2pm and 7pm daily.

Visitor viewing the Room To Breathe experience in Now Trending

Earlier this year, Panadol launched a new campaign, ‘Release Starts Here’ which took a more holistic approach to pain recovery, providing people with relief beyond a tablet. 

To build on this, Panadol has partnered with Pixel Artworks and Outernet for ‘Room to Breathe’, an immersive experience in Outernet London’s centrepiece The Now Building which features 23,000 square feet of floor to ceiling, wrap around 8K screens.

‘Room to Breathe’ offers visitors the possibility to explore other methods to help them manage the feeling of stress, through music and breathing techniques and supporting them in taking control of the everyday stresses that may lead to pain if not addressed through relaxation and breathing techniques. 

The experience combines music, soothing visuals and rhythmic breathing exercises to evoke a more relaxed state of mind and body – offering visitors a mindful moment of release. The music used within ‘Room to Breathe’ will also be available on Spotify as a playlist, titled The Sound of Release, so visitors will be able to relive the experience outside of the activation, wherever they may be. 

The Outernet ’Room to Breathe’ experience is available at The NOW Building at 10am, 2pm and 7pm daily.

Monica Michalopoulou, GBI Marketing Director at Haleon, said:

“We are living in difficult times and, based on the link between stress and pain, the sponsorship of this space in Central London seemed an excellent way to help educate people on ways to manage the feeling of stress. The activation demonstrates Panadol’s commitment to the holistic management of both pain itself and its triggers, such as stress, and the benefits of looking beyond pills.” 

Michelle Tighe, Senior Director Partnerships, Outernet said:

“We are so excited for visitors to experience Room to Breathe in The Now Building this month. We sought to find the perfect partner to launch this immersive experience with us and Pixel Artworks and Panadol, with a long history of being there when you need relief, are that partner.  We can’t wait for visitors to find their moment of release in amongst the chaos of the city.”

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