Charities ADOT and Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) have partnered for mental health awareness week to present digital artwork Monolith

An audio-visual expression of anxiety, Monolith plays across Outernet London’s giant screens for free from 15th May to 21st May.

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Outernet’s official charity ADOT has partnered with suicide prevention organisation Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) and artist Jack Dartford on a powerful new immersive artwork Monolith to raise awareness around anxiety. ADOT is focused on making a difference through thought provoking campaigns with an aim to encourage acceptance of the similarities between us rather than the small differences to undo the epidemic of disconnect and conflict that confronts the world. ADOT provides support to other charities and is proud to partner with CALM for Mental Health Awareness Week. 

Monolith is a crowd-reactive audio-visual installation created by Jack Dartford and produced by Immersive Experience Company Chaos Inc, featuring new audio work by sound designer Halina Rice. It explores anxiety and its associated symptoms and will play for free across the immense screens at Outernet London from May 15th to May 21st.

The piece will be available to view at Outernet’s flagship space The Now Building, featuring the most advanced immersive screen and audio technology in the world - 23,000 square feet of wrap-around, floor-to-ceiling 16K screens. The spectacular screens and movement tracking technology deliver a cutting-edge immersive sound and vision experience which pushes the technical capabilities of the venue to new heights.

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As the crowd grows and more people enter the building, the screens react in real-time and Monolith begins to panic. Millions of digital particles on the screens make up a "Monolith" shape in the first instance, and as the room gets fuller the particles move in an increasingly frantic fashion. The colours of the piece rapidly change and the speed accelerates as the crowd grows bigger - simulating complete sensory overload.

The soundtrack reflects the visual narrative - moving from calming soundscapes through to frenetic sound design underscored by pulsating basslines. Combining organic and inorganic sounds Halina Rice seeks to create a constantly evolving, otherworldly piece - underlining the unsettling theme of the overall installation.  

In a first for Outernet the soundtrack will make full use of its spatial sound system by L-Acoustics with each individual sound carving its own path across the space in real-time.

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The artist Jack Dartford aims to encourage a profound moment of empathy by creating an environment where all who enter experience a representation of overstimulation common to those suffering from anxiety induced panic attacks.

If you’re struggling with anxious thoughts and want to talk to someone,

CALM's helpline and livechat are open from 5pm to midnight every day 365 days a yearAlternatively, you can head to CALM’s guide pages for practical tips and advice

Jack Dartford, Artist & Creator of MONOLITH said:

Having experienced severe anxiety myself especially throughout childhood, I wanted to find a way to create something that really helped others understand what the feelings can be like. As someone on the Autistic Spectrum I often find it easier to express emotions through visual mediums instead of verbally. Monolith represents and emulates our sometimes hidden vulnerability and a way I hope of bringing people together to understand more about how anxiety can feel. Monolith represents the mental state, as more people gather, the more anxious it becomes.

Simon Gunning, CEO, CALM said:

“The Monolith is a powerful visual expression of a very real condition that affects so many of us every day. There are numerous factors that can contribute to feelings of anxiety, factors which are exacerbated by our modern lifestyles, 24/7 connectivity, and forever rolling news cycles made worse in these uncertain times. It’s important to remember there are lots of ways to help deal with anxiety. From exercise and nutrition, to speaking to someone about your worries, and of course If you’re struggling you can talk to CALM.”

ADOT said

‘This captivating artwork stands at the forefront of its kind - a unique experience set to engage all senses. Using cutting edge technology on the Outernet screens, ADOT hopes this Campaign will foster empathy and understanding for those struggling with anxiety and to create a space for reflection, connection, and empathy. ADOT is excited to present Jack Dartford’s Monolith, with the supported of CALM, to embark on a journey to destigmatize anxiety and promote mental health awareness.’

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