From 8th May all the artworks from Digital Art Week, except those by Ouchhh and Cristina La Porta will be in rotation on our screens. Please check our What's On guide before travelling.

On 22 April, 120 leading artists showcased collections in a wave of activations across London, bringing inspiring digital art to the forefront on a scale never seen before across the capital.

Digital Art Week images in The Now Building

As well as showcasing art, speakers discuss how digital art and business will evolve in a series of panel discussions ‘Reimagining the Future of London’ at HERE at Outernet, a live venue underneath the Outernet district. This high-tech venue fittingly offers the perfect backdrop for visionary thought-leaders to converge and explore the intersection of art, technology and urban evolution. Talks span a variety of different industries such as fashion, hospitality, retail and gaming. The panel discussions bring together esteemed voices from renowned institutions such as Art Basel, Visa, AWS, Verizon, Diageo, Outernet, and many more.  

Digital Art Week also uses the immersive digital technology at The Now building in the Outernet district. Showcasing seven artists in seven days starting with Zünc Studios nature-inspired ‘photosystem II’ collection in collaboration with Earth day. The award-winning Zach Leiberman (Wednesday), and later in the Week (Friday), Krista Kim’s soothing visual meditation performance ‘Continuum’ is shown in London for the very first time.

🔹 April 22 - Zünc Studios - 'PHOTOSYSTEM II' 

🔹 April 23 - AMIANGELIKA / Ouchhh - 'BLCK SUN' 

🔹 April 24 - Zach Lieberman - 'Color Stripe Study' 

🔹 April 25 - Sasha Stiles - 'CURSIVE BINARY: FRAGMENTS' 

🔹 April 26 - Krista Kim - 'Continuum'

Digital Art Week CEO and founder Shaina Silva said: 

“We are excited that Digital Art Week will be hosted by London’s most loved iconic venues at the Outernet. There is no better venue to host our exclusive events. HERE at Outernet is the perfect venue due for our panel debate and The Now Building offers our artists a digital wonderland as a canvas to showcase their work. We can’t wait to welcome people.”

Access to the panel debate ‘Reimagining the Future of London at ‘Here at Outernet’ is a ticketonly event. Please visit https://www.digitalartweek.io/program for more information.          

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