Hold a digital butterfly in the palm of your hand in our most ambitious experience yet!

Outernet presents The Butterfly Trail, brought to you by Pixel Artworks. Discover a magical new immersive experience which pushes the boundaries of digital design.

Experience The Butterfly Trail for free (no ticket required) at The Now Building. Note that viewing times may be subject to change. Check the What's On section of our website before travelling.

Woman capturing the Butterfly Trail experience on a mobile phone

The Butterfly Trail guides visitors through the intrepid explorer Professor Peter Pelgrin’s Botanical Workshop, into his Glass House where they can interact and explore the experience using just their smartphone. Using their phone, visitors are able to release magical AR butterflies and trigger real-time animations. 

Visitor admiring the Butterfly Trail experience at The Now

Outernet after less than a year of being open is on target to be the number 1 visitor attraction in the UK as footfall continues to grow ahead of long established places such as The Crown Estate, Natural History Museum and The British Museum. 

Alexandra Payne, Creative Director at Outernet London, said:

“At Outernet London, our ambition is to create large scale communal experiences, bringing audiences together and transporting them to other worlds be that outer space or a magical botanical garden as we’ve done with The Butterfly Trail. Pixel Artworks are leaders in their field when it comes to combining breath-taking visuals and interactive technology and I’m proud to partner with them once again on this incredible experience. This is truly a global first and I cannot wait for visitors to be truly immersed in the world of The Butterfly Trail on the most advanced screens in the world.”

 Tom Burch, Managing Director at Pixel Artworks, said:

“It’s wonderous to think you can step into nature in the heart of London and hold butterflies in your hand! Launching The Butterfly Trail at Outernet, one of the UK’s most visited attractions, with such innovative experiential technology helps us break creative boundaries with audiences looking for new, exciting immersive experiences. This is the next generation of experiential entertainment, demonstrating the potential of AR when seamlessly integrated with imagined, immersive worlds - elevating our everyday experiences to new heights.” 

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