Discover a spectacular immersive journey through time & space with this breath-taking immersive experience.

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Woman pointing up at the Summer Palace display

The Summer Palace by Agustin Vidal Saavedra is a beautiful combination of Renaissance paintings, animation, particle simulations and 3D visuals. The Summer Palace takes visitors through time and space as they immerse themselves in a unique and uplifting experience. 

The Summer Palace Experience

Agustin Vidal Saavedra, creator of The Summer Palace, said: 

“The Summer Palace is a piece created and animated from renaissance paintings, particle simulations and AI. We used particle simulation to create galaxies, stars and explosions and AI to enhance the painting quality to an insane 8k resolution. 

We brought the palace to life through a combination of fractals, paintings, real pictures of space and a thousand million hours of render. When it is displayed on the Outernet screens, it looks wonderful and completely immerses the audience as they watch.” 

Agustin Vidal Saavedra is XR creative lead at Dublin-based Glasseye Productions. You can read more about the production and watch an exclusive behind-the-scenes video on their website here.

The Now Building is opposite the Elizabeth Line entrance to Tottenham Court Road tube station.

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